Friday, November 19, 2010

The key to good design or good fusion is, off course, restraint, a judicious blend and overall implementation .It is the artistic realization that determines whether or not the end result is an improvement on the original. Fusion is far from confusion.

Sudip Bhattacharyya ,a young professional interior designer. His firm GHARE BAIRE. Sudip believes that now a days not only the rich family involbe with interior designing for their flats or house, but also the mediocre family also involve with interior decoration.

“GHARE BAIRE” undertake projects involving development of residences, offices, showrooms and boutique. The firm handhold from concept development, orientation, construction development to commissioning of the project.

Sudip said “we should follow the taste of our clients.

GHARE BAIRE—mobile-9830096241/9051322753.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The importance of interior decorating
Contrary to constant complaining in some circles, decorating our interior living space is probably our most popular pastime activity. For a large percentage of people, it is the favorite pastime
Ever since man first moved indoors he has searched for ways to change and improve upon his indoor environment. The fixation has lead to a global transfer of concepts, ideas, culture and materials that broadens the possibilities and expands the mind to dramatically impact the way we think about our homes.
Sometimes technological improvement present obstacles for the decorator to overcome. Indoor plumbing took a long while to be welcomed into the home. Now the master bath is a design feature and decorating Mecca.
In all likelihood, there must have been people of the time who deemed electrical outlets and wall switches an intrusion.
But, we still love the effect of a candle. Some things the decorator works with improve our lives, others enhance a lifestyle.
Throughout history, people in different parts of the world dealt with similar obstacles in different ways, improved their home decor using what was there, and developed decorating verve significant to their geography, climate, religion and culture, but all using the same basics, ceiling, walls and flooring
Interior decorating in our modern world
It is a tangle of styles to which designers and decorators have triedattaching meaningful identifying names.
In some cases the most convenient division has been to look at a region where significant influences have resulted in common decorating traits which distinguish it from another region and name it for the geographic area represented.